When I signed up for #APConnect Constellation B I was unsure I could make a difference. As a newly assigned Teaching, Learning and Assessment Coach I was pleased to meet people with other roles around the country, but couldn’t see where I fit in. And when it came to creating a project I was somewhat stumped. Colleges are huge institutions, and for somebody so small to make a difference seemed impossible. Clearly I was forgetting the impact of the mosquito in a closed room.

In my day job I was busy, as well as my TLA Coach duties I am…

Ever since I can remember people have called me weird. I’m never quite sure how I got this label, how even as a small child everybody just decided I was different. I was just a small girl living my life as far as I was concerned. But the word kept following me, from Primary School to Secondary School and even into university. “Did you know you’re really weird?”

Growing up I was always happy to play by myself, but I desperately sought out friends too. Sometimes I was successful, but it rarely seemed to last. I was as happy to…

Neurodivergent Practitioner (she/her)

Neurodivergent Lead Practitioner in Autism at an FE college. Passionate about neurodiversity, self-advocacy and autistics learning about autism. Views own.

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